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Didyma - Didyma Tours Turkey - Didyma Ephesus Tours From Istanbul

Didyma Tours Turkey - Didyma Ephesus Tours From Istanbul

The prime reason to visit Didyma (modern Didim) is fort he Temple of Apollo, built in the 7th century BC to honour the god of prophecy and oracles. By 500 BC, thee shrine at Didyma was one of the leading oracles of the Greek world. It even had a sacred spring. Branchid priests, who were reputedly connected to the great oracle at Delphi, were in charge of shrine. Marble from nearby Lake Bafa was used to build the temple. A carved relief of the head of Medusa, with its serpentine curls, has become almost synonymous with Didyma. The well below the Medusa head was the place where arriwing pilgrims would purify themselves before approaching the oracle. It is now roped off to prevent accidents. In its heyday, the Temple of Apollo featured 108 lonic columns. Only three are still intact. However, the surviving stumps are stil impressive. The Temple of Apollo was destroyed by Persians in the mid-6th century BC, but was restored around 350 BC by Alexander the Great. With the coming of Christianity, the temple was converted into a church and Didyma became a bishopric. In 1493, an earthquake deatroyed the temple and Didyma was abandoned. The Ottomans renamed it Yenihisar (new castle) in the 18th century. Didyma Turkey : Turkey Travel Didyma Tour Packages Visiting Didyma by Turkey Travel Tours from Istanbul and Holiday Packages. Small group, local guides. Turkey Didyma Tours with best cehap prices for 2016

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