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Pamukkale - Pamukkale Tours From Istanbul - Pamukkale Tours Turkey

Pamukkale Tours From Istanbul - Pamukkale Tours Turkey

In Hellenistic times, the thermal springs at Hierapolis made the city a popular spa. Today, the ruins of Hierapolis stil draw visitors, who come to swim in its mineral-rich pools and to see the startling white travertine terraces of nearby Pamukkale. Founded by Eumenes II, king of Pergamon, the city was noted for its textiles, particulary wool. Hierapolis was ceded to Rome in 133 BC along with the rest of the Pergamene kingdom. The city was destroyed by an earthquake in AD 60, and was rebuilt and reached its peak in AD 196-215. Hierapolis fell into decline in the 6th century, and the site became partially submerged by water and deposits of travertine. Pamukkale Turkey : Turkey Travel Pamukkale Tour Packages Visiting Pamukkale by Turkey Travel. We arrange Turkey Travel Tours and Holiday Packages include Pamukkale. Small group, local guides, from Istanbul 2016.

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