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Pergamon - Pergamon Turkey

Pergamon Turkey

Perched on a hilltop above the modern town of Bergama, the great acropolis of Pergamon is one of the most dramatic sights in Turkey. Originally sttled by the Aeolian Greeks in the 8th century BC, it was ruled for a time by one of Alexander the Great’s generals. The city prospered under the Pergamene dynasty founded by Eumenes I, who ruled from 263 to 241 BC, when this was one of the ancient world’s main centres of learning. The last ruler of this dynasty, Attalus III, bequeathed the kingdom to rome in 133 BC, and Pergamon became capital of the Roman province of Asia. The great physician Galen was born here in AD 129, and established a famous medical centre, the Asclepieum. Pergamon Turkey : Turkey Travel Pergamon Tour Packages Visiting Pergamon by Turkey Travel in 2016. Turkey Travel arranges Tour Packages include ancient Pergamon from Istanbul. Small group tours, local guides.

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